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Why donate money? DAANA doesn't generate any direct income. DAANA has pledged not to put a financial burden on the membership. That is why we decided to keep DAANA membership free to all Rajans in North America. We fund our projects by sponsorships, and generous donations by our Rajan community. As Rajans we are always known for our willingness to extend our generosity towards a worthy cause. 

How is the money used? Our major undertaking is DAANA Scholarship program. In addition, we have the Annual book drive to support Dharmaraja library. We need to cover the shipping cost of books to Sri Lanka. We also need to pay for hosting of our website. Everything else, including the day to day functioning, website updates, etc., are done by volunteers. DAANA board of directors work as volunteers too.

Many Old Rajans have shown their commitment by means of personal donations to DAANA Scholarship program as well as the general fund of DAANA. Your valuable contributions are used for a noble cause - helping bright young kids. Instructions on sending your donations are available here or you can visit DAANA store and donate on-line using a credit card.

DAANA Store:
“DAANA $tore” is open for business.

Local Fund Raising Programs:
We can organize local events to raise funds for DAANA. A movie screening or a sale of Sri Lankan food items can easily be organized. If anybody is interested, we can provide few items from “DAANA $tore” for a local sale too. Also, it will be wonderful if someone can bring suitable items from Sri Lanka for such an event as well as for “DAANA $tore”. A partnership with a local Sri Lankan organization, a student body of a University, or a past-student organization of another school will greatly enhance our capabilities to ensure the success of such events.


DAANA website has greatly improved since its inception and is a nice platform for any organization seeking for an opportunity to reach out to our community to convey their message, aka advertising. Our members have already secured few sponsorships and they are posted on our website and the Newsletter. Please support this effort by finding more advertisements through your connections.

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To make a donation, click the "Donate" button above or in the right pane. You don't need to have a PayPal account to proceed. Simply pay with your credit or debit cards. We (DAANA) will acknowledge your payments immediately. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact DAANA anytime.

Since DAANA is volunteer led organization, there is no overhead to run our projects. Therefore 100% of each and every donation is directed to kids in Sri Lanka. We and those we serve deeply appreciate your generous donations.

Thank you
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is a voluntarily led organization incorporated in the State of Maryland since February 2009 and has Tax Exempt Status in the US as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

DAANA Constitution

Your donations are US tax-exempted. You can
donate using above "Donation" button (secured payment link) or write a check payable to: "Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America" or the short name "DAANA", and mail the check to:

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America.
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2015 - Operating Finance Statement 

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