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Our Mission

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America (DAANA) was formed to involve itself in projects that will improve educational, social, and cultural activities and infrastructure at Dharmaraja College, Kandy (DRCK), Sri Lanka, and promote networking and camaraderie of alumni of DRCK, in North America. DAANA will also involve in projects that will advance learning, scholarship and other academic activities in Sri Lanka in general.


Our Alma mater

Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Sri Lanka (est. 1887)

Located on a hilltop overlooking Kandy Lake, Dharmaraja CollegeKandy is one of Sri Lanka's oldest and premier national schools. A Boys' School with around 150 Teaching Staff and around 4000 students (who go by the name of 'Rajans'), Dharmaraja College has been a leading educational establishment in Sri Lanka and has produced the country with many renown figures in disciplines ranging from science, politics, arts to sports. The prolific list of Dharmaraja's Old Boys include the likes of E.A. GunasingheWilliam GopallawaT.B. Kehelgamuwa and many others.

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DAANA Updates

DAANA 2016 in Review

The year 2016 was an exciting year for DAANA, during which we had many opportunities to serve our beloved school. With the help of our generous members in North America, we were able to contribute in many ways to 
support young Rajans’ endeavors. Let us recollect DAANA’s achievements and highlights from the year 2016, while welcoming the new year of 2017.

DAANA Financial Support for Dharmaraja College - 2016

  • Everest Expedition 2016                               Rs.   80,000
  • Musical Instrument Donation                         Rs. 200,000
  • Scholarships for DRCK Students                   Rs. 700,000
  • Scholarships for Medical Students                 Rs. 110,000
  • Furniture Repair (Grade 08)                           Rs.   30,000
  • Akalanka Induwara Medical Treatments         Rs.   20,000

Summary of Activities

Rajans Endeavour – Himalayan Expedition 2016

Last year, Rajans scouts were involved in a mission to rewrite history again by reaching “Island Peak” of Himalayas as the first team to reach the highest altitude ever reached by a Sri Lankan team and set a new record. This Himalayan expedition was organized in order to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Rajans’ Himalayan Expedition and the life and contributions of late Mr. Ajith Jayasekara. He was the pioneer of the Sri Lankan Himalayan exploration feat, and a great Rajan who rendered an immense service to the scout movement in Sri Lanka. With the help of DAANA members, we were able to provide financial support for this monumental effort.

DC Rugby Sevens 2016

The DAANA members supported the Rajans to excel in the 2016 Sri Lankan Schools Tag Rugby 7's tournament through donations as well as participation. The DAANA members cheered along our players towards victory with enthusiasm. The Rajans’ team secured the "Russel Cramer Trophy (PLATE)" championship.

AGM & Get-Together 2016 - Channa and Upuli's "Thala" Dance Program

The DAANA 2016 Annual General Meeting and Get-Together was held in Houston, Texas on the 23rd of April. The event had an attendance of more than 35 members, including family and friends making it a huge success. The chosen venue was the Shahnai Restaurant in Houston. Sanka Tennakoon and Dr. Suren Lewkebandara, with the support of other DAANA members and other Sri Lankans in Houston, organized the “Thala” dance program that showcased a modern depiction of Sri Lanka’s traditional dance forms directed by Channa Wijewardena. This performance was held at the Houston’s Miller Outdoor Theatre on April 22, 2016 and was funded in part by the City of Houston through the Miller Theatre Advisory Board. It was a great success and was widely attended by both Sri Lankans and others.

Almsgiving Ceremony by DAANA New York Chapter

The DAANA New York chapter organized an almsgiving ceremony which took place at the Queens Buddhist Temple on the 4th of June 2016.

IGP Pujith Jayasundara’s Visit to New York

IGP Pujith Jayasundara, a reputed Rajan, is the 34th Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Sri Lanka who is also the first Rajan to be the IGP. He visited USA to attend the United Nations Chiefs of Police Summit held in New York. During his visit, he participated in an almsgiving  ceremony organized by the New York Chapter of DAANA at the New York Buddhist Temple where he received the blessings of the chief incumbent. In addition, he participated in a gathering of Dharmaraja College alumni and their family members. Concluding the gathering, on behalf of DAANA, he was awarded  a plaque congratulating him on his appointment as the IGP.

Donation of Musical Instruments to Dharmaraja College

DAANA received a request from Dharmaraja College to provide financial support to obtain several much needed musical instruments for the college music classes. We are happy to state that many of DAANA members donated eagerly in order to help grant the request made by our Alma Mater. Further, the DAANA DC Chapter organized a fundraising event on December 6th, 2015 to further contribute towards this cause. DAANA President Dr. Sanjeewa Gamagedara visited DRCK and coordinated this donation. We were able to donate music instruments worth of Rs.200,000.

Dharmaraja College OBU “All Groups” Get-together

Dharmaraja College Old Boys Union in Kandy organized a get-together for all old boys groups which was held on June 25th, 2016 at Oak Ray Hotel, Kandy. Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers of 32 Old boys groups of DRCK participated in this occasion. Its main objectives were to update one another on their current and past activities and network with the different old boys groups. Mr. A.P. Gunaratne and principal Mr. S. M. Keerthiratne participated in this event as well. DAANA president Dr. Sanjeewa Gamagedara who also participated in the event delivered a presentation titled “DAANA: Past, Present & Future” which informed the gathering on the progress of DAANA over the years …...

The DAANA NY Chapter End of Summer Family Get-together 2016

The DANNA NY chapter end of summer family get-together 2016 was held in Nanuet, NY on the 24th of September, 2016.  It was hosted by Dr. Karu Bombuwela at his home in Nanuet, NY. There were badminton and carom games, in which everyone participated.

A Warm Farewell to Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya

Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya is one of the pioneering members of DAANA who made a huge effort in bringing DAANA into its present state. He served three times in DAANA BOD, including his leadership as the president once.  Some of his ideas became the founding principles of DAANA. He will be relocating to Sri Lanka after accepting a prestigious position in the academia. Therefore, we dedicated a newsletter to Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya to give him a memorable farewell.

DAANA Scholarship Program 2016

As a result of the generosity of our DAANA members, this year we were able to donate 52 annual scholarships, each based on academic merit, worth of Rs. 13,000. In addition, five undergraduate scholarships worth of Rs. 22,000 each were awarded to five medical students. The DAANA Scholarship Award Ceremony was recently held at Dharmaraja College with the participation of the principal, teachers, students and their parents. The former presidents of DAANA, Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya and Dr. Sandun Kuruppu represented DAANA at the award ceremony.


  • First of all we would like to thank all DAANA members for the confidence shown in nominating us for the year 2016. We specially thank the BOD of 2015 for their initial guidance for a seamless transition.
  • We were able to raise the needed funds for the DAANA Scholarship Program by the end of 2016. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the donors and everyone who supported and encouraged us to achieve this goal. Without your generosity, we will not have been able to make a difference in many young Rajans’ lives. This year, the contributions from Dr. Keerthi De Silva (the single largest contributor to the DAANA scholarships program, for 7 years in a row) and Dr. Priyantha Herath strengthened our fundraising efforts.
  • We are grateful to Dr. Shyaminda Basnayake and other old Rajans in Sri Lanka and Mrs. Thamara Marapana for organizing and coordinating the scholarship award ceremony at the school. Also, we would like to thank the principal, Mr. Dampiya Wanasinghe and the staff of the Dharmaraja College for their participation.
  • The DAANA BOD would like to thank our members who contributed towards the Musical Instrument Donation to Dharmaraja College.
  • We would like to thank Dr. Thushara Diyabalanage for conducting an interview with Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya for the newsletter dedicated to Dr. Ashoka Polpitiya.
  • We would like to thank Rajitha Siriwardena and everyone who supported our team at the  DC Rugby Sevens 2016. Also the efforts of our 2016 Rugby Team is greatly appreciated.
  • We are grateful to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara for participating in the event organized by DAANA NY Chapter members. We would like to thank Geeth Uyanwatte for going out of his way to coordinate DAANA’s and IGP’s participation in both the alms-giving ceremony and the dinner. Further, a sincere thanks goes to Wimal Ariyawansa for hosting the IGP, DAANA NY Chapter members and their families with a short notice.
  • We would like to thank Dr. Karu Bombuwala and Ama Geewandara for organizing and coordinating the DAANA NY Chapter End of Summer Family Get-together.
  • We are grateful to Dr. Suren Lewkebandara for supporting “Thala” dance program that was held on the eve of the DAANA AGM 2016.
  • We greatly appreciate the support of Dr. Sarith Mahanama for preparing the financial statements and Mr. Krishanth Ediriweera for providing assistance with bank accounts.


Thank You & Best Wishes for a Wonderful Year Ahead !


Sanjeewa Gamagedara (President)

Chamaal Karunaweera (Secretary)

Sanka Tennakoon (Treasurer)

Indika Deepal Weerasinghe (Vice President)

Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara (Activities Director)

Ramesh Maddegoda (Media Director)


Date : 20th-January-2017

Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America






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