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Dharmaraja Alumni Association of North America (DAANA) was formed to involve itself in projects that will improve educational, social, and cultural activities and infrastructure at Dharmaraja College, Kandy (DRCK), Sri Lanka, and promote networking and camaraderie of alumni of DRCK, in North America. DAANA will also involve in projects that will advance learning, scholarship and other academic activities in Sri Lanka in general.


Our Alma mater

Dharmaraja College, Kandy, Sri Lanka (est. 1887)

Located on a hilltop overlooking Kandy Lake, Dharmaraja CollegeKandy is one of Sri Lanka's oldest and premier national schools. A Boys' School with around 150 Teaching Staff and around 4000 students (who go by the name of 'Rajans'), Dharmaraja College has been a leading educational establishment in Sri Lanka and has produced the country with many renown figures in disciplines ranging from science, politics, arts to sports. The prolific list of Dharmaraja's Old Boys include the likes of E.A. GunasingheWilliam GopallawaT.B. Kehelgamuwa and many others.

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DAANA Updates

DAANA AGM - May 2016 in Houston, Texas
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DAANA 2015 in Review

Nutritional Supplements for the Rajans Rugby Team
DAANA initiated the nutritional supplement program, in an effort to support our Young Rugby players. With great success DAANA was able to donate Whey Protein (Brand: ISO Mass Extreme), to the Rajans rugby team in 2014 and 2015. DAANA was able to quickly contribute to support the young Rajans by with nutritional supplements.

AGM, Get-together & DC Rugby 7's in Washington DC with A.P. Gunaratne Sir

DAANA AGM & Get-Together was held in Washington DC with Mr. & Mrs. A.P. Gunaratne as the chief guests. Sequence of events began with A.P. Gunarathne arriving in DC, followed by DC Rugby 7's and finally the AGM. Many members had the privilege of meeting A.P. Gunaratne sir after a very long time and mingle with old classmates from years ago. It was indeed a wonderful get-together. All these events didn't happen overnight. Many hours of hard work, discussions and actions of DAANA members helped us make this a memorable event.

DAANA Scholarship Program
2015 was a phenomenal year for the DAANA scholarship program. DAANA was able to raise funds to award 50 scholarships of Rs.10,000, 5 sports scholarships of Rs. 5000 and 4 undergraduate scholarships of Rs.20,000. This is approximately twice as much scholarships as previous year. We are very grateful to everyone for supporting the scholarship program.

School Music Room Fundraiser
DAANA received a request regarding lack of resources for the school music room. Rajans of Washington DC chapter has graciously agreed to have a fundraiser to support this great deed. We received many donations through the fundraiser and outside of the fundraiser making this project another success stories of DAANA. Activities are in place to purchase the necessary equipment through DAANA and donate to the school in the near future.



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Ramesh Maddegoda (Media Director)

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